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What to do when you have an emergency?

Accidents happen. Here is what to do when they do happen.

  1. Someone takes charge and instructs others

  2. Reassure and attend to the victim(s)

    • Determine severity of the injury

    • Decide whether to call ambulance

    • Avoid moving the victim

  3. Secure the scene – Make sure that other traffic is warned to slow down

  4. If you need to call an Ambulance: Before you call an ambulance. Determine your location! Street address, landmark

  5. and details are important

    • Dial 112 – remain calm!

    • Ask for ambulance

    • You will be re-directed to the ambulance dispatch

    • Explain your location – this is crucial to prompt dispatch as they will dispatch from the closest dispatch location.

  6. Explain nature of accident

    • Cycling accident

    • Number of cyclists involved

    • Nature of the injury

    • Victim(s) conscious? Did they lose consciousness at any point?

    • Any other information

    • Age victim

    • Gender victim

  7. Do not call anyone using the same phone until the ambulance arrives – if the ambulance cannot find the location they will call you back

  8. Watch for the ambulance and direct the paramedics to the scene if necessary.

  9. Stand back and let the paramedics do their job – follow their instructions and answer their questions.

  10. If possible ask which hospital they are transporting the victim to.

  11. Get the contact details of any witnesses or other party(s) involved in the crash. This is important for insurance claims.

  12. If the crash involves a motor vehicle (car, scooter, tractor etc), call the police. This will save a lot o hassle later.



  • Always keep a charged mobile phone with you.

  • Always carry ID and also your insurance card. Better still carry a small card with emergency contact details

  • Make sure that the victim’s bike is secured. If possible call a friend to come and pick up the bike. If this is not possible then find someone trustworthy to hold onto the bike – a store, farmer etc.