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Favourite Running Routes

Following our popular cycling routes here are our favourite running routes around Amsterdam. We tried to pick runs from all over the city, as well as a few classics. (We also know we do not have 10 runs yet, and looking for other suggestions).

VONDELPARk - 3.3km loop

The Vondelpark is by far the most popular running spot in Amsterdam. Whether it is for an easy pre-work jog or for heavy interval training at night, it suits all needs. The outer loop (tarmac) of the park measures 3,3 km can be be started from all entrances of the park. If you start at the main entrance (near the Leidseplein area) and you will extend our run to almost 5 km. The loop is car free, but please be aware of the bikers! The southern stretch of the Vondelpark is often referred to as the bike highway of Amsterdam. You are better of sticking to the sides of the tarmac. The park is usually a safe area to run in all seasons, it is lit up at night, and up til 21:00 (and even later in the summer) there are lots of runners out there and you will not feel alone! Have fun on the holy grail of running in Amsterdam!

Click here to download the route from Strava

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5km Amsterdam Bos Loop

5km Amsterdam Bos Loop

amsterdam bos - 5km to 21km loops

The hidden gem of running lies to south of Amsterdam, near the airport. The Amsterdamse Bos is man made wooded area with countless trails and is approximately three times the size of Central Park in NY. Taking on either 5, 10 or 21 km is a treat for body and soul. Although officially in Amsterdam (3 km's of the far end of the Vondelpark) you will feel completely of the grid.

21km Amsterdam Bos loop

21km Amsterdam Bos loop

When starting at the main entrance (near the wooden structure at the head of the rowing course), you will follow orange sign posts. Keep a good eye on them, as especially in the summer they to hide in green brushes on the side of the road. After 2,5 km's there will be a sign with directions for the 5 km and the 10/21 km loops. After about a 5 km, there is a second decision to make: will you take the half marathon option or is 10 km good enough for today? If at any time you are lost, the quickest way back to the starting point is to follow the signs for Bezoekerscentrum, they will even include the remaining km's. 

The track includes a number of water fountains and if you chosen the 21 km loop, you stand a chance of spotting Scottish Highland cattle. 

5 km loop:

10 km loop:

21 km loop:


amstel short loop - 5.8km

This is a route that is very often used for lunch or after work runs for people that live and work near the Amstel Station.

The 5.8 km loop provides a classic view of the Amstel River, which the city of Amsterdam inherited its name. On a good day the river will be filled rowing boats and other watersport fanatics. Beware of the coaches (on bike) on the banks of the river as they do not always have an eye for the runners. Although less popular than then the Vondelpark loop, this still is favourite route for the locals in Amsterdam. Do not forget to take the right bridge across, as the next bridge will add a total of 10 km to the original km's and may be "a bridge too far". 

5.8 km:



Parks and river - 12km loop

Up for a longer run through the city, its parks and returning on the banks of the Amstel. This run is for you.  12 km long, it will give you a good insight at what Amsterdam has to offer.

Starting at Museumplein, you will soon find yourself in the Beatrix park, finding your way trough the paths and following the motorway. At the first chance of using the underpass, you will tried on to the Amstelpark, before returning on the banks of the Amstel. It won't be be long before you will be spotting Amsterdam's famous house boats. At first bridge after the Rembrandtower (highest building of Amsterdam at 150m) you will turn left, back to your starting point.

This route is best during the weekends or during off-peak hours on weekdays as you will otherwise face lots of (bike) traffic.

11.8 km: