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About Us

ATAC is the Amsterdam Triathlon and Cycling Club. Our objective is to promote, develop, and foster the sports of triathlon and cycling. We are a social club, welcoming expats and locals to join us. We hold regular training sessions to help members achieve their triathlon and cycling goals. Training sessions are often followed by drinks, dinner or brunch, and we encourage you to invite your significant others to these - we want to extend our community to the folks at home who are important to you.

Our Rules

We have 4 simple rules:

  1. Respect the road, the track, the swim lane – be courteous of others

  2. Respect each other – be extra courteous to other athletes.

  3. Wear a helmet – you won’t get on a group ride without one. You have been warned.

  4. Respect the session – go hard in the hard sessions, but when it’s an easy session – enjoy the people, the scenery, and make time for apple pie.


Membership is €30 per year. Click here for more details.
Want to try before you buy? You’re welcome to join us for two sessions free before committing.

The Team

It takes a lot to run a successful triathlon and cycling club – every week many hours are spent on activities as varied as coaching sessions, maintaining the website, and seeking sponsors. ATAC is a volunteer-run organisation. Click here to meet the team. If you’ve got some expertise or enthusiasm to share, we’d love to hear about it!