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ATAC works closely together with a number of partners. Find below a short summary of each of the partners and the potential benefits they may provide to our Athletes



Whether it is clothing, shoes or nutrition, All4running is the place to be when it comes to running accessories.  Together with All4Running, ATAC organises different kind of clinics which can be attended for free by ATAC athletes.

All4Running is also our starting point for the Monday Night running in sessions in the Vondelpark.

Last but not least, ATAC Members are enjoying a 15% discount on the entire product range (electronics excluded).

PhysioMatters is headed by club member and volunteer running trainer Joe McConnell.  It is located on the Overtoom and in the Jordaan. Joe specialises in sport injuries and having been with the club since 2015 is experienced in dealing with triathlon-specific problems. He strives to help ATAC athletes stay on top of their training plans and remain injury free.

Many ATAC members are also seeing Joe for injury prevention and sports massage.

Treatments are usually covered by your insurance so give him a call, email or whatsapp:

+31 6 38 14 30 63 | |

Build a more resilient body, move better with less chance of injury and improve your performance.

Wilson’s Workouts is run by ATAC member Lorna Wilson.  She is a Personal Trainer specialising in Biomechanics Coaching and strength training for endurance athletes. Lorna creates a custom training programme for you based on your biomechanics intake. She is able to gather movement information about your body that other personal trainers simply do not have. This intake gives information about alignment and movement inefficiencies that need to be worked on, in order for you to build a more resilient, unrestricted and stronger body.

She also runs an outdoor strength training for running group on Thursday evenings (also appropriate for triathletes). Keep an eye on to find out when the next class will take place.

Chiropractors keep the central nervous system clear from interference so that the body can do what it does best… adapt, regenerate, heal and thrive! At Glow, they do that by assessing the intricate functioning of the spine and cranial bones and adjusting them where needed. 

For athletes, of any kind, it means improved performance, better recovery and decreasing the chance of injuries occurring.


Massage is a way of life… a way to maintain the body on a regular basis and to prevent the onset of illnesses and diseases rather than a treatment one seeks only when a problem arises.

These days, as chronic muscular pain becomes an increasingly common condition from too much sitting and computer work, many people feel they must accept their discomfort as a normal part of aging or the inevitable reality of contemporary life.

At Bodywork Integration & Awareness, the Asian approach of preventative massage is brought to our clients. Regular massages stimulate the circulatory system, boost immunity and promote a supple, flexible muscular system. As a result, injuries, chronic pain and aches are minimised or avoided completely.

ATAC Athletes receive a 10% discount.

At Rebel Coaching, we get it. We’ve been you, hell we are you. We know just how hard it is for age group triathletes to balance work, family and training.

We understand your love for the sport and that you want to perform well, but are also committed to deadlines at work, taking your kids to school and sometimes even enjoying a bit of social life!

We create training plans based on your real life and get to know you individually before setting out a plan to achieve the goal you set, within the amount of hours you have available. We build long-term coaching relationships with our athletes, making them responsible for their own athletic journey but supporting them every step of the way.

If you sign up with Rebel Coaching you will receive weekly sessions based on your short- and long-term goals. Our coach, Matt, will add the drills and details of any exercise in your premium Today’s Plan account, you can then upload your results, feedback and how the session felt for you. He will weekly send you videos and other visuals to help you with your training and you can book a Skype call with him every month to catch-up.

Curious to find out more? Have a look at the athlete reviews here and if you’re interested you can sign up here.


Maats is a cycling apparel store, located in de Pijp. They have a great selection of premium cycling apparel and accessories. They also offer bike fits and road bike rental services.

Rob & Joost also make great coffee, so it’s the perfect place to start your ride!

To all ATAC members, Maats offers 5% discount (electronics excluded).

If you want to have a look at their collection, click on

CorMantel is the specialist in road bikes, tt bikes and mountain bikes in Amsterdam. If you have to get your bike serviced or look for recommendation for a new bike, you should pay them a visit! It is located in Amsterdam Zuid.

ATAC members get 10% discount here!