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Summer Crits Around Amsterdam

For any budding racer who enjoys criterions, Amsterdam is a great location. There are criterions almost every night of the week, all within easy biking distance of Amsterdam. These races take place on purpose build crit tracks. No open roads, or rough pavement here.

The early season Amsterdam Criterion Series

These are a series of local races from 11th Feb to 25th March. They can be very fast and hard as a lot of the local pros will race these events.

For the 2018 calendar click here.

Every week throughout summer (dates below are for 2017, unless otherwise noted for 2018)

1900 all licenses at Sloten 11 april – 5th september (including elite)
1900 All licenses at UWTC Uithoorn – 29 March – end Sept

1900 Sportklasse and at WTC de Amstel - 27 March 2018 until mid September.
For those looking to start crit racing, this is a good option. From 27 March every week until mid September. To make 'getting going' in these races a bit easier this year in a modified setup: in the first two months of the season the race will start with a neutral pace of 35-36 km per hour in the first 30 minutes. This means that the better riders keep the pace constant at max 40 k / h on the straights and that there are no splits in the peleton. After the 'neutralization' the course will be released and there will be around 45 minutes.

1915 Spaarnwoude 3 April – 28th August, 2018. Details here
1900 URC Ulysees – 4 april – 18 July then 23 Aug – 13 Sept – Sportpark de Weeren, Beemsterstraat 654, 1027 ED Amsterdam.

1900 Sloten crit (no elite) 11 April – 7 September, 2018

1900 Amateur, NWL and Elite at WTC de Amstel (3 May until mid-September, 2018)

Friday – rest day

1500 Sloten mid Fed to mid October

1000 Spaarnwoude 11 March – 30 September, 2018. Details here


What do you need to race the crits?

  • A basic KNWU or UCI icence
  • If you are from out of town a UCI licence

How much do they cost?

  • €3 or €4 euro entry fee

I have not raced these before, what can i expect?

  • You MUST be a confident group rider. These are fast group races.
  • The speeds vary but expect hard and fast racing. If you are new to crit racing, watch and learn. Watch how other riders ride the corners and always ride smoothly.

Do I need a chip?

  • If you want you official results, yes you must have MyLaps Chip. Contact us and we can email you how to get one