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Cycling: Safe Group Riding

Group riding is one of the most enjoyable aspects of cycling. It requires special skills, care and caution. The respect we earn from others depends on our actions as responsible cyclists.

Safety is the club’s Top Priority
No matter which ride you’re on, safety is more important than anything else. Please don’t endanger yourself or others by committing unsafe acts. All participants in ATAC rides and events must understand that the ultimate responsibility for safety rests with the individuals.

Pick the Right Group Ride
Since the purpose of the various group rides is different, finding out the group’s pace, distance, and goals will help you join a ride that’s right for you. The ride details can be found on Meetup. If you are still not sure what type of group ride you are getting yourself into, just ask the Ride Leader.

Communication is KEY to safe group riding.. Below are our standard calls.

  • “Pole” and point to the pole

  • “Car back”
    “Car front”

  • “Car Right” or “Car Door” and point

  • “Hole” (hole in the road and point at it)

  • “Slowing”

  • “Stopping”

  • “Left” and use hand as well

  • “Right” and use hand as well

Finally a few simple steps for safe group riding:

  • Don’t overlap wheels. A slight direction change or gust of wind could easily cause you to touch wheels and fall.

  • Listen to and adhere to the directions of the Ride Leaders.

  • Be predictable in all your actions.

  • Ride mostly two-up and stay tight and to the right. However, single out if unnecessarily obstructing traffic.

  • Stay alert at all times.

  • Always ride smoothly

  • Don’t brake hard unless absolutely necessary.

  • Remove aero-bars for all group rides.

  • No headphones

  • Look out for each other’s wellbeing.

  • Be Prepared: Always bring a tube, CO2cartridge or a pump, and the tools to change a flat. It also a good idea to bring your bank card and transit card in the event that you cannot proceed further on the bike.

  • Bring a cell phone.

  • Bring along identification and emergency information.

  • Have the right clothing for the weather.

Enjoy your ride.