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2019 Leadership Team


ATAC is a volunteer driven organization and we thank our leaders for providing all of our great training, racing, and socializing opportunities. Our leadership team is elected at the Annual General Meeting.


PRESIDENT | Jos van Losser

Jos is a Dutch Financial Services consultant with a love for organizing events and welcoming new athletes to ATAC. He has been involved in organising the ATAC swim sessions and initiated the first international triathlon camp in Mallorca. He is aiming to organise a ATAC Triathlon club championship in 2018.

As an athlete he completed the Marmotte Cyclosportive  in 2017 and will be racing his first Ironman this year as a preparation for one of his biggest dreams: swimming the English Channel in 2019!



SECRETARY | Christian Cuneo

Born and raised in Sydney, Australia, Christian followed the sun to Amsterdam in 2015 when an opportunity to transfer with his work at a medical technology company presented. Once in Amsterdam he quickly caught the cycling bug only to find himself slogging it out on an indoor trainer, binge watching Netflix, to escape our famous weather. Able to swim and run a bit, triathlon felt like a natural fit and he entered Mallorca 70.3 in 2016. After a miserable baptism of rain and cold in the hills of Mallorca he caught the triathlon bug and chases the "perfect race" in just about anything he can in the Amsterdam area with the occasional "destination" 70.3 sprinkled in for variety. In 2019 he hopes to continue this run and perhaps finally do that coveted Ironman by the end of the summer. Christian also plans to one day be the first Australian to actually learn to surf in the Netherlands. He loves the fun and welcoming community that the international membership of ATAC has provided and wants to ensure all members really feel part of the club and enjoy the same experience.  




Vernon moved to Amsterdam 4 years ago from Namibia. A former competitive swimmer and biathlete he has always enjoyed sports but decided to scale it back after multiple injuries and joined ATAC to try out triathlon, initially just for fun and the clubs social atmosphere.

Fast forward a few years, many new friends, training, racing and coaching hours later and my competitive side might have kicked in again, but still having fun. In my daily life I work in finance for the worlds oldest running company. 





Eileen signed up for her first triathlon in 2014 while living in New York City, without ever riding a road bike before or swimming since her early teens. However she immediately fell in love with the sport and the diversity in training. After moving from the US to Amsterdam via Nijmegen, she has sought out the best triathlons throughout the Netherlands and Europe of all distances. In 2018 Eileen finished Ironman Nice and will pursue some equally ambitious goals in 2019.

As triathlon director, she aims to bring both the fun and competitive sides of triathlon to club members, as well as increase ATAC's presence in the local triathlon community.



Devi has been fond of cycling since the first time he rode a bike as a little kid. The BMX and road bikes he rode in his early years were replaced by a travel bike after he finished high school. He used this travel bike on his first cycling trip to cycle from Utrecht to Morocco and, more recently, to cycle the full length of the South American continent following the Andes.

He joined ATAC in 2016 and has been enjoying the social and competitive aspects of riding and racing together a lot.

As cycling director, he aims to organize many long weekend rides during the 2018 season and hopes to bring the cyclists and triathletes together more often.



Jan took part in the first ATAC training session even before moving to Amsterdam in early 2017. Despite being tall and having a common Dutch name, he is originally German. From 2007 to 2016, he lived in Zurich, where he enjoyed running and cycling in the Alps. Eventually, he bit the bullet and also learned to swim “properly” to become a triathlete. The highlight of his triathlon “career” so far was finishing the inaugural edition of Ironman Hamburg.

Jan enjoys the open and international atmosphere of ATAC that warmly welcomed him to Amsterdam. As part of the new leadership team, he hopes to help grow the club and to bring a bit more structure into the training schedule, while maintaining the openness for triathletes and cyclists of all levels.



Born and raised in the cycling heart lands of South East England, Ed first fell head over handle bars for all things vélo whilst living in Budapest - watching that titan of free fair and competitive sport Floyd Landis (not) win the 2006 Tour de France. From MTB, mountain high sportives, retro rides and an unremarkable few seasons ripping up the London crit scene, he’s talks a great game but mostly just pedals hot air. A lesser spotted, but occasional, triathlete - in 2018 he has set his sights on the Paris marathon and a late season 70.3.

As club social sec, he wants to help continue the ATAC tradition - approachable, informed, fun and diverse - collaborating with teammates to bring out the clubs international colour; getting people together for drinks, themed evenings and big sporting occasions across the year. 



Before a failed career as a basketball player, Anna started swimming in a master club in Italy, where she was also introduced to triathlon. In 2012 she bought her first road bike and tried her first triathlon sprint. The triathlon experience continued in the Netherlands, where she moved 4 years ago. In 2017 she did her first IM70.3 in Austria and competed in the Maratona dles Dolomites.

As Communication Director, Anna is the bridge between ATAC and its members (via the newsletter, Facebook and IG).