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10 Favourite Cycling Routes

Here are a few of our favourite rides from around Amsterdam. Amsterdam is a great city to ride out of as it is very easy to escape the city. From almost anywhere in the city, you are on riding in the countryside in under 15 minutes. Be aware, although the riding may be flat, there is always wind........

Ronde Hoep - 38km

This is by far the most popular route for cyclists from Amsterdam. It's easy to reach from the city and brings you to the beautiful countryside within fifteen minutes. The loop can be started anywhere along the Amstel. There are often more cyclists than cars on Ronde Hoep, especially during summer evenings. (Thank you Strava).

Route here


Old Wednesday Night Loop - South 35km

The ride starts and finished from the Klein Kalfje cafe on the Amstel. From here head south along the Amstel river to Uithoorn. Cross the Amstel here and then work your way back to town via the Bullewijk canal. This is a fun twisting ride beside the canal, just be aware of the blind corners. From here into Ouderkerk and up the Amstel back to Klein Kalfje for a coffee and home.

This is a popular short recovery. It is easy to get to, offers an interesting route, and plenty of coffee stops.

Click here to download the route from Strava

Click here to download the GPX file


Wednesday Night Ride - 60km

The ride starts and finishes from the ferry behind central station. Catch the ferry and head north to Purmerend then follow Kanaldijk west to the end. This is a good 20 minute stretch of no stops and little traffic. Across the highway, and through village and follow the canal back, across another bridge, then for the long fast straight into Purmerend, and back home the same way you came out.  This is our Wednesday night fast ride and it has plenty of LONG straights for good solid fast training.

Route here.


Pete's Southern Loop - 60km

Pete's loop starts and finishes on the Amstel, just near Amstel Park. It is a good southern loop that takes you south out along the Amstel before crossing at Uithoorn, and making a loop of Mijdrecht then towards Nieuwer ter Aa for a brief stint on the Amsterdam - Utrecht section of the Rhine canal. From here it is back towards Abcoude, where there are plenty of places for coffee and pie then home. Why is it called Pete's route? Pete was a strong cyclist who rode with ATAC for 2 years, and this may have been the only route he knew!

Click here for the route in Strava where you can download it

Or download the GPX file here.


The Ringvaart - 75km

This is one of the most popular rides in Amsterdam. Our ride starts and finishes from Westerpark, which is easy to get to from anywhere in the city. It then heads west before getting onto the Ringvaart. Once you are on the Ringvaart, it is pretty easy. Just follow the road beside the canal. This is a good long loop with little navigation required. 

There are more interesting rides, but it is popular for it's simplicity. 

Click here for the route in Strava where you can download it.

Or download the GPX file here.


Start and finish from the ferry behind central station. Head north to Purmerend and out the Wednesday night ride before heading further north in the direction of Driehuizen and Ursem. Then cut across in the direction of Hoorn (but not to Hoorn) and back along the shore of the Markenmeer, through Monnickendam, then back via the fields to the ferry.

This ride flows well and has plenty of roads where you can stretch your legs and is a good ride for a group, as you are on open quiet roads for a lot of the loop, and not small twisty bike paths.

Click here for the route in Strava where you can download it.

Or download the GPX file here


Rondje Markermeer - 169km

The famous, or notorious, Rondje Markermeer with lots of long stretches guarantees an epic ride, with the twisting roads in Noord-Holland, the endless long dyke to Lelystad and the even longer path back to the mainland and Amsterdam. The amount (and direction) of the wind and sun will determine the attractiveness of your ride. (Thank you Strava).

Route here.


Ijseelmeer Loop- epic! Short 268km, Long 344km

For a truly epic ride, and one that is better done over a few days, but only done by hard men in a day, you have the Ijseelmeer loop. It is a circular route that leads around the IJssel-Lake called the Golden Circle by the Dutch.  This loop takes you alongside the IJssel-Lake or IJsselmeer, which was a sea until 1932. In 1932, the ‘Afsluitdijk’ was constructed, the sea was turned into a lake.

The route takes you through many quaint villages, although chances are you will not be stopping and you will have you head down watching the wheel in front of you, so you will not get to enjoy these villages.  Former fishing-villages like Monnickendam and Bunschoten, will take you back to the 17th century. In between, you will cycle through traditional Dutch polder landscapes, where black-and-white cows are grazing in flat green meadows. As you watch the cows, and the wheel in front of you, you will be dreaming of a tailwind, as there is never a tailwind when you need it, or bigger Dutch guy in front of you.

This is a truly epic ride, when done in a day! Thank Dick for the routes, and for been the hard man who has done both of these rides more than once.

The "short" version is only 268km, whereas the traditional "long" version is 344km.

Short version - click here for the route in Strava where you can download it.

Short - or download the GPX file here

LONG version - click here for the route in Strava where you can download it

LONG - or download the GPX file here